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Your special day deserves special documentation.  Espeute Productions utilizes the same techniques used in film cinematography to make your wedding video feel like a Hollywood motion picture.  We use two cinematographers equipped with three high-definition cameras to capture a variety of angles.  This amount of coverage is important to get all the actions and the reactions.  Our cinematographers will get all the precious moments, even the ones you never knew happened.  Believe it or not, two cinematographers are less obtrusive than one.  This will help preserve the magic of your special day.  The coverage begins before the ceremony when both the couple and the wedding party prepare for the day’s activities.  We will capture the setting and the details that properly set the mood for the wedding video.  Then, our cinematographers will capture a time lapse of the guests being seated, reactions of the bride coming down the aisle, the facial expressions of the bride and groom as they say their vows, all the way through the first kiss as husband and wife.  We will then capture every moment of the reception from the introductions and first dances through the last dance and grand exit.  After our talented editors piece everything together into the story of your wedding day, you will receive an entertaining and professional looking video with all of your memories preserved forever.